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Thank you for visiting the Campaign Connection website and for your interest in our full service campaign package.

Running for office is not a casual act on the part of the candidate. The personal commitment of family, friends and volunteers is needed to have any chance of success on election day. We recognize that it is important for a candidate and his/her campaign staff to be able to concentrate their attention on creating recognition in the community and translate that recognition into votes on election day.

This service empowers a local campaign. It brings to the table decades of voter data mining, printing and mailing experience in a single package, thereby providing the campaign with a resource that maximizes campaign funds and translates into votes on election day.

This service is an elegant blend of the voter data expertise of Craig K. Sandell and the printing and bulk mail prowess of Nancy DeDiemar (PrintingResources.com).

This service was developed to assist the campaign of candidates running for local offices with the time consuming development of voter targets and the drudgery of direct mail outreach. This service is also effective for organizations that are supporting or opposing ballot measures or issues, including school bonds.

Although there is a link button for Questions in the banner of this page, the most asked questions about the service are:

What does the service provide?

The service provides your campaign with the ability to identify and reach out to multiple voter targets. The service provides your campaign with campaign literature templates from which to choose and cost effective bulk mail alternatives.

I do not have a large campaign fund, can I afford this service?

In most cases the answer is YES. The service is modularly designed to allow for the maximum return on available funds. See our BUDGETING link for additional information.

How long have you been providing voter data for local elections?

Craig Sandell has been providing voter data and campaign support to local campaigns in the Inland Empire for over 10 years. He initially supported the quest for political parity engaged in by Affiliates of the California Teacherís Association. Once the data system was developed, it was marketed to support city council and school board trustee campaigns as well as school bond measures as well elections for the California State Senate.

How long have you been providing printing services?

Nancy DeDiemar has been providing printing services to the Inland Empire since 1970. Nancy is recognized as one of the nations experts in high quality fast turn around printing and bulk mailing. The Printing Resources facility in Upland California is replete with the latest technologies. The commitment of Printing Resources to customer satisfaction won the 1999 Printer of the Year award from PrintImage International.

Additional areas of the Campaign Connection services can be viewed by clicking on the QUESTIONS link at the top of the page.

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