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Budgeting for a local campaign represents a significant challenge. Among your budget considerations will be:

  • Candidate registration fee and ballot statement.

  • The cost for campaign signs.

  • The cost for campaign brochures and literature.

  • The cost for postage.

  • The cost for a meaningful list of likely voters.

Campaign experience has shown that a 'war chest' of $5,000 is the low end threshold establishing a funded local campaign. If you are seeking to replace an incumbent with less that $5,000, your chances of success at the polls are not very good.

The Campaign Connection service provides a "Campaign Quick Start" booklet that will give you some ideas regarding fund raising as well as time lines for filing activities. Below, you will find some general guidelines for the development of a campaign budget using the Campaign Connection Service:

Base Costs

An analysis of the voters is essential to ensure that you put literature in the hands of those voters who are most likely to vote. The base cost for this analysis is $750.00 and includes the elements shown in the Sample Analysis and the list of target voters to support mailings. Walk lists, phone banks lists and other specialized campaign list activities carry a nominal additional cost for processing and printing.

The development of effective campaign literature is essential to placing your candidacy or ballot issue in front of the voters. The Campaign Connection service offers some different options regarding campaign literature:

  1. Bulk mail post cards in a two color 3 x 5 format for the lightly funded campaign.

  2. Bulk mail post cards in a two color 6 x 9 and format for the campaign with an enhanced funding structure.

  3. Bulk mail postcards in 4 colors in a or 6 x 9 and Jumbo format for a well funded campaign

Once you have campaign literature, you will need to get it into the hands of voters. The Campaign Connection Service will CASS certify the mailing lists of voters and will ensure that you get the best bulk mail price for the literature option you have selected.

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