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I have tried to put together some frequently asked questions to help you as you consider using my Voter Data Services to help you in your upcoming campaign. If you do not find answers to your questions or concerns among these FAQs, simply click on the FAQs button below to submit your question via Email.


Q – Why is the service you provide something I should consider?

A – The timely generation of accurate voter lists to support precinct walks, phone banking and mailings is indispensable to a campaign. The data element of this service assures you the hard data you need to reach the voters who will likely vote your way. The printing and literature element of this service ensures a seamless interface between data and printer, thereby assuring 'on time and on schedule' literature drops.

Q - Aside from the coordination between data and printing, what does my campaign gain from your service?

A – In a word "TIME". When you can have data options for selecting voter targets presented to you in a clear and concise manner, your time to decision is greatly enhanced. When you can define a mailing and campaign documentation schedule and rely upon it being met, you are free to concentrate on the dynamics of your campaign.

Q – How flexible is the Campaign Connection service?

A – This service is designed to provide your campaign effort with the flexibility you need to react to dynamic campaign circumstances. There may certainly be instances when the logistics of printing considerations can not provide an immediate response, however the system is responsive and your access to assistance is not impeded.

Q – We have purchased a voter management system from another organization but find that we do not have the time or expertise to learn how to use the system…can you help?

A – Yes…we can work with your campaign to assess the program you purchased. We are available to meet with you at ‘No Charge’ to review your situation and explore options to support your campaign effort.

Q – Why can't I just go to the Registrar of Voters and get voter information?

A – You can. The file you get will then have to be reformatted to be compatible with the analysis software you plan to use. You will have to develop the search queries to get the data you want to support your campaign. You will have to generate walk lists, call lists and GOTV lists to support your ground campaign. You will have to export the lists that your printer needs to support mass mailings in the format most conducive you your printer's optimum performance. All this takes time away from your campaign's human resources.

Q - How much personal involvement can we expect from the Campaign Connection if we contract with you for your services?

A – Personal contact is the earmark of a successful campaign service. Craig Sandell  & Nancy DeDiemar have developed their successful businesses making personal contact and accessibility their basic tenants. Timely answers to your campaign questions are guaranteed.


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