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Printing Resources is a  full service mail house.

After your campaign piece is printed,  their in-house mailing staff will ensure that it is properly addressed and sorted for the maximum postage rate advantage.

The data target that you decide upon, will be CASS certified and put into production in support of your campaign mail plan.

Since I have an interactive business relationship with Printing Resources, the data is always provided in the format that is most conducive to processing and it is always provided in a timely manner to support your campaign mailing plan. This eliminates the headaches in a campaign normally associated with trying to coordinate the printing, mailing and data process and thereby frees you to concentrate on the other important campaign processes of personal voter outreach, campaign rallies, sign placement and fund raising.

Printing Resources will deliver your CASS certified and sorted campaign mail piece directly to the appropriate postal facility with sufficient lead time to support putting your campaign mail piece into the hands of the voter in a timely manner.

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